«Energokonstruktsiya» Branch Factory

Organized by Order No. 51a of the USSR’s Ministry for Power Industry on February 13, 1979, to manufacture support structures and electromechanical equipment. Presently, «Energokonstruktsiya» Branch Factory is the largest Belarusian specialized manufacturer of electricity supply network metalware. Multi-decade experience of metalware production benefited to top quality level of products. The Factory’s engineering facilities are capable of developing anew and manufacturing metalware of any complexity. In addition, the Branch Factory’s production facilities in Rudensk manufacture reinforced concrete poles and attachments for power lines, which are also supplied to electricity supply network sites located in Belarus and Russia.

Product range:

  • reinforced concrete poles for 0.38 – 10 kV power lines, SV 95-20; SV 95-25; SV 110-35; SV 110-49 types;
  • reinforced concrete attachments PT 43-22-M type;
  • basement wall blocks FBS type;
  • metalware for 0.38-35 kV power lines, 10-110 kV substations;
  • T-poles, light towers, metal supports for 110-330 kV power lines;
  • customized metalware.

Picture gallery:

Pole production facilities (cement storage) 10 kV dead-end pole
Pole production facilities (cement storage) 10 kV dead-end pole

Major customers:

  • "Belselelectrosetstroy" JSC;
  • "Zapadelectrosetstroy" JSC;
  • Regional companies of "Belenergo" Group;
  • Russian power suppliers and enterprises.

Contact details:

2, Truda Str., Zhodino, 222160
Fax: 01775-280-19
Reception: 01775-2-80-19
Director: 01775-2-80-32
Chief engineer: 01775-2-80-22
Marketing: 01775-2-80-30