«Energooborudovaniye» Branch Factory

The factory was reorganized by Order No. 11 of SELENERGO Belarusian National Trust on January 10, 1948. ENERGOOBORUDOVANIYA Branch Factory is one of the leading Belarusian manufacturing enterprises in electrical engineering equipment. The product range provides for packaged supplies of electrical equipment to any installation, either newly built or upgraded. More than 50-year accumulated experience and expertise, highly qualified staff, up-to-date developments and technologies, constant strive for customized approach ensures the reliable partnership with ENERGOOBORUDOVANIYA Branch Factory. In addition, the Factory has a long and successful practice of Customer cooperation at the stage of site design or new product development, which saves time and money to the Customer.

Product range:

10 kV substation equipment

  • Double-ended packaged transformer substations KTPP type, single or double transformer, having the capacity of 400; 630; 2õ400; 2õ630 kVA, overhead or cable input options;
  • Packaged transformer substations KTP type 25 to 250 kVA capacity;
  • Vacuum-operated switch boxes for distribution networks KS and KV series rated current – 4 to 31.5 kA;
  • KSO boxes and busbar bridges (366 and 394 series), rated current - 630 A;
  • Packaged switch KU–10 rated current – 12.5 to 31.5 kA;

0.4 kV switchgear equipment

  • Switchboard panels SO-70-3 series;
  • Switchover RUNN type;
  • Lead-in distributors VRU-1, VU-1, RU-1, VUA-600 types;


  • Disconnectors and switches for 10 kV voltage VNPR, RV, RVZ, RLN and RLN-3 series rated current – 630 A;
  • Disconnecting switches and insulators for 0.4 kV voltage and 100 to 2000 A rated current;

Electrical devices

  • Power cabinets SPU-62 series and boxes YRV type three-pole knife-switches and fuses;
  • Electricity consumption record boards SE and SRU types;
  • External light control cabinets SNO type;
  • Boxes and boards of various applications;
  • Insulated wiring SASPss / SAPss, ASI for 0.4-10 kV overhead power transmission lines;
  • Cable products and accessories;
  • Pole climbers KRPO type
  • Lighting and lamps
  • Earthing devices VLI type - 0.3 kV UZ VLI type

Picture gallery:

High-voltage equipment SASPss cable production facilities
High-voltage equipment SASPss cable production facilities

Major customers:

  • Regional companies of "Belenergo" Group;
  • "Belselelectrosetstroy" JSC;
  • "Energozhilpromstroy" Research & Production Association;
  • Russian power suppliers and enterprises.

Contact details:

168, Barykina Str., Gomel, 246020
Fax: 0232-41-02-74
Reception: 0232-41-02-74
Director: 0232-41-02-79
Chief engineer: 0232-41-00-13
Sales & marketing: 0232-41-02-80
Å-mail: eo.marketing@list.ru
WWW: http://www.energo.gomel.by