"Belselelectrosetstroy" JSC

Organized in 1948.

Supplies materials to construction companies for 0.4-110 kV power line and transformer substation erection and provides various construction elements, equipment, parts, accessories, tools and materials for "Belselelectrosetstroy" JSC factories, and, in addition, performs soil boring with Ditch Witch P80 system.

The only Belarusian manufacturer of overhead line hardware for under-1 kV power lines with self-carrying insulated wiring (0.38 kV power line) and 10 kV HDPE cable power lines (10 kV high-voltage power line), as well as polymer insulators for overhead power lines.

Starting from 2010, the Division launched production of innovative spring sealed clamps for fixing lateral insulated aluminum cables of 0.38 kV power lines with the insulation peel-off (ZOPg-1, ZOPg-2, ZOPg-3); terminal clamps (ZKN-1, ZKN-2) and supporting clamps (ZPP), aimed for fixing SIP-4i new system of insulated wiring.

Product range:

  • SASPss-type wiring
  • New generation power-saving street lamp ZKU 01 with high-pressure reflector lamps used (DNaZ).

Overhead line hardware and insulators:

  • Dead-end grip K-NM-1 (K-NM-1M)
  • Supporting clamp ZP-01
  • Dead-end clamp ZP-02
  • Line tee clamp ZLO-01
  • Spring tee clamp ZOP-01
  • Spring tee clamp ZOP-02
  • Spring tee clamp ZOP-10
  • Lightning protecting clamp ZG-10
  • Clamp cover KZ-01 (for clamps ZLO-01, ZOP-01, ZOP-02)
  • Clamp cover KZ-02 (for clamps ZOP-10)
  • Low-voltage supporting insulator, ONPs type
  • Low-voltage supporting insulator, ONP type
  • Low-voltage insulator, NP-18
  • Supporting ribbed polymer insulator, IORP-10 type
  • Cable wedge, KG-172 type
  • Cable tape, KG-174 type

New products:

  • Suspension clamp ZPP
  • Terminal dead-end clamp ZKN-1
  • Terminal dead-end clamp ZKN-2
  • Lateral spring sealed clamp ZOPg-1
  • Lateral spring sealed clamp ZOPg-2
  • Lateral spring sealed clamp ZOPg-3

Picture gallery:

ZKU-01 lamp YPTK products
ZKU-01 lamp YPTK products

Major customers:

  • Belselelectrosetstroy" JSC
  • Regional companies of "Belenergo" Group
  • "Mingorsvet" Co.
  • "Brest Electric Bulb Factory" JSC
  • Russian and Ukrainian power suppliers and enterprises

Contact details:

3 Sukhaya Str., Minsk, 220004
Fax: 017-203-73-03
Reception: 017-203-73-03
Director: 017-203-32-20
Chief engineer: 017-203-05-60
Marketing: 017-203-55-32
e-mail: yptk.bsess@gmail.com